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I am looking for a Line Producer, Production Manager to step into a production that’s already mid way in it’s preproduction. We will be shooting in Berlin, May 8th-11th. I know it’s not a lot of time but the majority of the work is done already.

About the film: Having escaped her old life, Koza, a sexual assault survivor, is determined to start anew by relocating to Berlin. This becomes increasingly challenging as she encounters people and situations that push her boundaries.

KOZA represents different ways in which women encounter abuse in all aspects of their lives. It looks at toxic masculinity; the collective unconscious, the work place power struggles and the objectification of women. Explores the darker aspects within ourselves, where we are governed by what’s repressed. It holds a mirror to society instead of trying to propose any answers. I aim to use this film as a starting point of a bigger discussion/debate around these issues. It is a very hot topic in Turkey at the moment since Erdoğan just left the Istanbul Convention.

It is a low budget, passion project but there is symbolic pay. I will send it to festivals and believe it has great potential. I really need someone to take over all production responsibilities off of my hands so that I can focus on Directing and Acting. Here is some additional information.

We have
- Rough Breakdown of script and times (though they would need to be altered to fit new dates)
- A presentation to send places for possible sponsorship.
- Locations (dates will need to be confirmed but potential dates have green lights)
- Old preproduction timetable
- A full Cast: Daniel: Ryan Witchert (Last seen Queen’s gambit and acted in Spencer), Davi: Björn Von Der Wellen (Lovers on amazon).
- Part of the crew
- Catering (need to check availability)
- Contracts ready to go
- Permits not filed but ready to be filed
- Erpam completed but we need to change the dates which they had said would not be a problem

If you are available and interested, please send me an email, outlining your experience and your strengths and we can set up a meeting and talk further.

Best wishes,

Anzeige gültig vom 06.04.2021 bis 20.04.2021


  • Ansprechpartner: Leyla Giraud Erdogan
  • Kontakt Telefon: 017661318384
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