Searching for producer(s) to join the production team of a HFBK Hamburg masters Abschlussfilm, supervised by professor Angela Schanelec. Looking for production students or anyone at all who's interested in gaining some experience both during pre-production and on-set of an independent narrative feature film. Shooting in August of this year, on location in Hamburg.

Long Synopsis:


Flora has gone to America, leaving Alexander behind. Alexander rents Flora’s old flat to Elit, who has just arrived from Istanbul. That night, Elit meets Benni. They go home together, but Benni is still in the process of breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Caro. Abruptly, one year passes, and we notice that everything has changed.

Time jumps both forwards and backwards, characters cross paths with each other by chance, families come together and fall apart, relationships begin and end, some people become sick while others grow bored and worry about where they’ll move to next.

A narrative film made up of discrete situations, encounters, dialogues and silences; 
cafés, parks, street corners and train stations.

An ecology of lovers. The lives of a few young people in a small city."

Please write if you're interested and I can send you more details about the film! Anzeige gültig vom 15.03.2023 bis 13.06.2023


  • Ansprechpartner: William Wrubel
  • Kontakt Telefon: +49 160 95415896
  • Kontakt E-Mail:
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