Looking For 1st AC

"Black Canvas" is a highly genrified Sci-fi/Mystery film. The film will be feature length, and is jointly the first feature for Berlin-based production house Spielfilms, as well as serving as a graduation project for director Max Waechter of Beijing Film Academy.

The film will be a collaboration between a very international crew and cast - we're looking for an enthusiastic new member of our team, looking to bring their positive energies and creative contributions onto set. We are looking for a 1st AC with a good foundation knowledge of the camera department. We'll be shooting on an Ursa Mini - previous experience with Blackmagic cameras a bonus!

We're a very friendly group, and having honed our skills in Beijing, where set hierarchy is much more fluid, we'll have an open ear for any creative input you have during the shooting process.

We’re shooting from Dec. 5 - Dec. 18. Anzeige gültig vom 26.10.2020 bis 25.11.2020


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