WANTED - sound recordist - short film

short film - non budget - unpaid

Hey all,

we are currently still looking for a sound recordist, who is willing to help out for an upcoming short film that's to be shot from the 06.12. - 08.12. in Berlin.

The film deals with themes of male privilege and generally the different experiences of men and women have at night. The idea is to raise awareness, encourage folks to speak up when something fishy is going on and also to reflect on one's own behavior.

As mentioned this is a non-budget production, so unfortunately we cannot pay you. However transport and catering will of course be provided.

If you're interested in the project, then please send me a pm or an email to
Thanks for reading!
Cheers, Enzo Anzeige gültig vom 29.11.2019 bis 29.12.2019


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